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Ascendant and Midheaven. The Conjunctions II.

MARS — Your energy. Summation A. Your Uniqueness. Your Easiest Areas. Your Most Persistent Difficulties. The Growth Aspects. The Declinations. Your Karmic Direction. Its language is unique and interesting see sample , and perhaps not for everyone. It not only interprets major aspects, it also interprets the quincunx, semi-sextile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, and parallels and contra-parallels of declination.

The report is excellent at providing an overview of the chart for example, it sums up your areas of ease and challenge and interprets such factors as your most common aspect and hemisphere emphasis , as well as offering the important details. Important Note: The email address we use to send your reports is the one you have registered with Paypal. The interpretations are clearly written, with sensitivity, and are free of astrological jargon.

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They include interpretations of midpoints in addition to common factors such as planets in signs and houses and aspects. Note that you will not receive the report instantly, as it is not generated online. Reports with an unknown birth time are shorter than those with known birth times. To order , please fill in the information before clicking on the Add to Cart button.


Choose either the Merlin report with birth time here, or without birth time the next option below this one :. Modern Natal Report is a report all about you, and is based on your personal birth data and natal chart. An accurate birth time is necessary for an accurate interpretation.

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This computerized report is written by Stephanie Johnson. However, this is NOT a report designed for children. Please see the Child Star report below or the excellent Kid Zone report for an interpretation of the natal chart of a child. The Modern Natal report assumes that the natal chart in question is of an adult. The report includes a natal chartwheel in color.

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To order , please fill in the following information before clicking on the Add to Cart button. Heaven Knows What is an intriguing report all about you, and is based on your personal birth data and natal chart. An accurate birth time is good to have for this report, but not absolutely necessary. This computerized report is based on the writings of Grant Lewi. Grant Lewi — is a legendary figure among twentieth-century astrologers. He was a writer and editor for the two largest astrological magazines of the time. His two books, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions , were the first astrological books to become best sellers and even today, over fifty years later, they remain among the best introductions to the subject of astrology.

The report reads with old-style writing and contains some very insightful content. Your Sun-Moon combination is interpreted for example, if your Sun is in Aries and Moon is in Taurus, these positions are blended into one interpretation , as well as the individual positions. Transits are also a key component to each Heaven Knows What report you produce.

This consideration helps to make the report even more pertinent and immediately useful for the reader. This report generally sells for much more than our special, low price. Your Personal Path is a comprehensive, unique, and well-written report that examines your birth chart from a variety of angles. Important Note: This report pulls no punches! To order , please fill in the following information before clicking the Add to Cart button. Spirit Success is a natal chart report that examines all of the factors in the Your Personal Path report above except for Chiron , but is less wordy.

First, it discusses the potential of Saturn as seen in the birth chart. Next, it considers the milestones throughout the life when Saturn makes a square or opposition aspect to the natal Saturn. Third, it calculates and interprets the position of Saturn in the Saturn Return chart. Many people are aware of the significance of the Saturn Return. At a glance you can see the shifting influence of Saturn as it transits, and also identify central influences for the coming cycle, as seen in the Saturn Return chart. As they orbit the Sun, the planets reveal the unfolding patterns of our lives.

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Saturn, with its magnificent rings and multiple moons, acts as a principal timer of events. This interpretation focuses on the structure of your life: from the potential you have at the moment of birth, through the formative years, the productive period, and into your later years, when you become a mentor for the younger generation. The bulk of the report discusses these Return charts, so it is unlikely to be of interest to those who want to see only information currently relevant to them.

First, it discusses the potential of Jupiter as seen in the birth chart. Then, it considers the milestones throughout the life when Jupiter returns to its birth position. We all want to expand our lives. Perhaps we want to expand our mental skills by attending college. We may want to extend our earning capacity through career training.

We may want to form strong partnerships or enter into a romantic relationship, in order to expand our horizons. Each of these possibilities relates to the planet Jupiter, and how it works in our birth charts. This report takes a look at your birth chart from the perspective of the largest planet in our solar system.

Jupiter takes about This almost twelve year period relates to many of the major life transitions you will experience throughout your life. Each milestone in this interpretation takes place at a Jupiter Return — when Jupiter reaches the same point in the zodiac it occupied when you were born.

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Your Evolving Personality is an intriguing report that compares your birth chart with the progressed chart, revealing how you have evolved to date, and the issues that surround you now. The progression of the planets as they continue their respective orbits into different signs and houses, and the aspects they form, are beyond our control. But we DO have some control over how we handle these new influences, and how we let them affect our personality. It locates the signs, the aspects, and the house positions for each of the planets for any given year of your life and tells you how long they will remain in those positions.

With each of the interpretations for these progressed planetary positions, we include a brief synopsis of the influences and imprints of its position in your Natal Chart for your comparison. Many techniques for following the development of man from birth through life have been devised and studied by Astrologers since about the second or third century BC.

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The system is implemented by choosing a specific birthday. The Progressed chart is the first chart used in Predictive Astrology, for it provides a good preview and overview of what you can expect in the coming year. Default settings for this report: Progressed chart uses current location if you would prefer that the birth place is used, enter birth place in the Current Location field ; R.