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Choose Libra Moon for marriage or a partnership venture. You can expect others to be obliging. Scorpio: Moon in Scorpio brings out strong passions and people can be forceful. Scorpio Moon favors doing things behind the scenes. Actions tend to be secrete or not in the open. This is good for investigations and research. Sagittarius: Moon in Sagittarius brings out the desire for travel and adventure. People are more spontaneous and willing to take risks. Moon here favors licensing, documentation and filing legal papers.

Capricorn: Serious work is on everyone's mind with the Moon in Capricorn. Often people are somewhat pessimistic and things proceed slowly. Capricorn Moon favors lasting results but expect some challenges. Aquarius: Moon in Aquarius favors group activities and getting together with friends.

Though people are friendly they are somewhat impersonal. Moon here favors doing something different, spontaneous and unplanned.

Pisces: Moon in Pisces heightens sensitivity and people can be somewhat distracted or imaginative. When the Moon is in Pisces people want to help you or vice versa. These are the two most important considerations. Her first and last aspects tell you what to expect as you begin and the likely outcome of your project respectively. Conjunction: is usually a favorable aspect; it supports the beginning of something new or the early stages of development. It brings people together.

You should initiate action.

Sextile: is a favorable aspect offering opportunity, information and generally favorable circumstances. You can get the facts. Square: is a stressful aspect although the obstacle can be overcome with effort on your part. Often this indicates the need to work hard to get things going. Trine: is a very favorable aspect; little effort is required to get things going because luck is on your side. It brings good results, which you often know about ahead of time.

Opposition: is a stressful aspect — but you are fully aware of the problem. You may be able to come to an agreement if you are willing to give up something. The Moon has more to say and each planet she aspects will tell you something about the circumstances about to unfold. When she applies to:. Sun: interaction with those in positions of power; administrators, executives, employers, superiors or children. The Sun describes people who make an impression and are in a strong position. It often defines one who is influential and respected and who may be able to help you.

Mercury: contact with agents, brokers, salesmen, and mechanics. You may sign a contract or reach an agreement with someone. Mercury describes people who are versatile, intelligent and can be indecisive. It suggests you may need to gather more information before making a decision. Venus: transactions with bankers and financial experts; artists and musicians; teachers and counselors; decorators and designers; beauticians and hairdressers.

Venus describes people who are interested in social standing and equal rights.

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When the Moon apples to Venus an atmosphere of balance prevails. Mars: contact with dynamic, assertive people; or craftsmen, dentists, and mechanics. Mars describes people who are willing to take on a challenge or circumstances that require courage and self-reliance. When the Moon applies to Mars you should take the initiative but beware of possible conflicts and disagreements.

Jupiter: exchange with advisers, advertising agents, travel agents and professors. Jupiter describes people who are generous, principled and trustworthy.

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They can be intellectual or philanthropic. When the Moon applies to Jupiter legal issues can be resolved through negotiation. A conciliatory atmosphere prevails. Saturn: interaction with those in authority — employer or boss; managers and department heads; older people and elders. Saturn describes serious circumstances and people who are cautious and may want control. They can be reliable, dependable or problematic.


When the Moon applies to Saturn expect delays. You have to persevere. Uranus: contact with astrologers and other unusual people; technicians and electricians; creative and eccentric people; scientists and inventors. Uranus describes quick changing circumstances and an unexpected outcome.


When the Moon applies to Uranus try to be flexible and go with the flow. Neptune: contact with musicians and artists; intuitive and creative people; chemists and druggists; ailing or sick people. Neptune describes dubious circumstances and people who do not have all the facts or are withholding something. When the Moon applies to Neptune there is likely to be confusion regarding the outcome of your project. Pluto: contact with detectives and policemen; tax and insurance agents; healers and doctors; large groups of people.

I personally use Placidus with a keen eye on the signs, and try to make them match as often as possible.

Electional Astrology for Job Interview – Spica Astrology

The second difference is the chart itself. When the tradition favours the overall positivity of the chart, the modern approach is to make the chart reflect the question. Another way to make the chart look similar to your question would be to place the Ascendant ruler in the house inquired about.

The modern approach puts also a lot of emphasis on the last aspect of the Moon in a given sign including the outer planets , as indicator of the overall success of the matter. Y ou can also incorporate the mode of the rising sign in your election, i. You may want to synchronise the hour of the moment in question with the Asc-ruler or just choose a benefic to rule the hour.

Additionally, incorporating the fixed stars may be a good idea. You can find information on the 20 brightest stars here. Electional stand-alone chart is extremely important, but the natal check is recommended to be the final decision point. Electional chart is a permanent transit to your natal chart, remember? The astrologer attempts to control a small part of the very complex planetary picture here. There are natal charts, synastry, other inception charts, transits to these charts, and all are relevant at the same moment. W hat are your best and worst elections?

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  6. Let me know in the comments! Watch for future case study of an election with an unhappy end! Catherine Sinclair is a professional astrologer and tarot reader, based in the sunny city of Lyon, France. Catherine worked previously as a Business Analyst in pharmaceutical and insurance companies, but Saturn return completely changed her career. Catherine offers consultations in natal, predictive, horary and electional astrology. Save my name, e-mail, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.